Restaurant Types and Concepts

Restaurant Types and Concepts

If you are planning to launch your restaurant, then you might be at crossroads as to which type of restaurant would be better! Well, it is a difficult task indeed as there are several options to choose from. In fact, settling on a concrete restaurant concept is harder than one can imagine. On a side note, you will be hard-pressed to answer these following questions-

  • Who are my audiences?
  • What would be the effective price range for the foods?
  • Will it be a casual style restaurant or a family style restaurant?

However, since every problem has its own solution, we also do have a plan for your confusion, which is to enlighten you about the types and concepts of restaurants. So, read more to find out which restaurant type would be suitable for you.

Restaurant Types and ConceptsFast Casual: Fast casual style restaurant is one of the trendiest restaurant concepts in the world. It is an upscale concept than the fast food concept, making it a more expensive restaurant option. With this concept, you can offer disposable dishes with flatware. However, the dishes would be more upscale than any other restaurant concepts like the gourmet bread or organic ingredients. Additionally, the kitchens are more open to fast-casual concepts where the customers could see how the food is prepared.

Family Style: Family style is a casual style dining option in the USA, which charges moderate prices for the foods. You can include different kinds of foods including a combination of classic cuisines with signature sauces and dips. You can add different kinds of themes such as barbecue or Mexican or American to decorate your restaurant. On top of it, you can offer table-side service with non-disposable dishes in a low-key setting.

Restaurant Types and ConceptsCafé or Bistro: A café doesn’t provide any table service. Here, the customers would order the food from the counter. In fact, a café is a self-service restaurant concept, offering foods such as pastries, sandwiches, coffee, and espresso. The origin of this concept is from Europe, especially from France. Cafes have an intimate and relaxed environment with the possibility of an outdoor setting. On the other hand, a bistro is much similar to a café but the main difference between these concepts is you can actually have all kinds of meals in a bistro.

Fast Food: The fast food concept is a famous restaurant concept. Since the 1950s, fast food chains such as Burger King and McDonald’s have changed the landscape of the restaurant industry. They have shown the path to other renowned fast food brands like the KFC, In-n-Out Burger, and Taco Bell. The customers love this concept as, within a fast food shop, you can have fast and convenient service. At the same time, the prices remain relatively cheaper than any other restaurants.

Food Truck: Food truck is a modern-day food trend where you can get instant food items from a mobile truck. The most amazing thing about a food truck is it’s a low-cost food service, which has less overhead cost. This is why food truck is one of the most popular restaurant concepts right now. Another benefit of opening a food truck is its mobility. You can move your truck to any festival or anywhere you want. You would also need less stuff, making it an affordable option for you.

Bottom Line

Regardless of which restaurant concept you choose from the above alternatives, you must focus and pay utmost attention to your restaurant business. In this way, you can thrive as a proud restaurant owner. So, leave your comment below and let us know if you have any new restaurant concept in your stock.