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Professional Proof Reading Services

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Professional Proof Reading Services

Professional Proof Reading Services

How to Proofread Your Essay

Before you start proofreading your essay, there are various things that you should know. Most students think that proofreading entails reading and correcting what is written at face level. First, editing and proofreading is not all about correcting spelling mistakes. This is something that is even done with the Ms Word application. Proofreading basically involves checking for grammatical, sentence, structural and typing errors.

Each of these specific checklists has its own unique way of ensuring that you do not get a good grade on your essay. Even before you start proofreading your essay, make sure that focus on the organization and development of the whole paper to ensure that each section of your essay addresses the specific issue required. In addition, proofreading is not a onetime activity, sometimes due to exhaustion; some of the mistakes that may sometime be glaring are often bypassed by an exhausted student. When you are proofreading your essay, you can use the basic functions of your computer such as the Ms Word printout that has a function for correcting grammatical errors. However, this is not effective enough as this function does not identify improper sentence structure or awkward sentencing. The next best technique to solve such a problem is by reading out aloud. It is easier to identify mistakes if you read your work aloud. Each student has a unique way of identifying their mistakes when writing an essay. Let’s say you have the problem of using ‘it’ instead of ‘its’ in a sentence.

If you identify this as your main problem, use the search function of your essay to ensure that the word is used appropriately. Finally, it is not that easy to make sure that your essay is 100% error free. This is why it is often perceived as bias when an examiner hands a student a perfect grade. There are those mistakes that you will inevitably make when writing your essay. It is a good idea to hand your essay to a professional before submission for editing and proofreading services. This is because; we often make mistakes unknowingly believing that what we are doing is right while indeed it’s wrong.

Someone else is better placed to identify errors on your essay than you would. Proofreading an essay does not stop there but after reading and re-reading your essay and making sure that everything is okay, you should check your essay for plagiarism. Most students engage in plagiarism unknowingly. One common way of engaging in plagiarism is by lifting huge texts from diverse sources and failing to acknowledge the source of the information. Without references, it is as if you are telling the examiner that the ideas presented are yours. If this is not true, always make a point of acknowledging the source of your information and citing the relevant sources in your reference section. The final step of proofreading therefore is running your essay through a plagiarism checker. The software can analyze your essay and highlight areas or sentences that have been lifted from other sources without properly being cited.